Zully Pants
Zully Pants, back detail

Zully Pants

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Navy Velvet with elastic waist.  High wasted and super comfy with a wide leg. These are pants that feel like your pj’s but can look very elegant. 55% nylon, 45% polyester. Machine wash gentle, dry flat.

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 Kim Schalk designer

My father was a biologist, my mother is an artist, and I am somewhere in the middle. My best pieces are often inspired by something I literally threw over a mannequin and had a "Viola" moment. So I definitely understand the beauty of an accident!

I am all for conservation (the environment, manpower, money -all of it). Call me anti-waste. I also feel very strongly about supporting the infrastructure of the USA. Buy American made and produced in the USA.

My father would always say "take care of your people", and that is what I do! It is so important to treat human beings with kindness and respect. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Kim is from Lincoln, Nebraska and studied Latin at U-GA. She is now based in Alexandria, Virginia.