Toob Club Chair, patina&
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Toob Club Chair

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While the design of this handmade club chair pays homage to art deco designs of the '30s, the thoughtful use of reclaimed steel respects today. The piece shown features a leather-like appearance that is actually patina'd steel, created by the artist using a multi-step process, resulting in a durable finish. Also available in several reclaimed steel office furniture color groups. Made to order.

32" high x 33" deep x 31" wide

Ships within 3 weeks.

Antiques are still around and valuable because they were well-made with good materials and good design. My philosophy is to use existing materials to build works that are well-made with good materials and design -- tomorrow’s antiques today. This approach has lead me in the direction of patch-working metals together to form whole units, not unlike the patchwork quilts that exemplify folk art. I call this technique “segmenting”, and it defines my furniture work to this day. The end result is the holistic sum of all of it’s pieces. I still dabble in sculpture, inflatable environments, and other areas of design-as-catharsis, but furniture design is my true passion.

Ohio artist Doug Meyer's career started in grade school with Legos, and grew into a love affair with sculpture, painting, inflatable environments, art cars, art bikes, and metalwork. Soon after high school, struggling to make ends meet as an artist, and unable to pay for art school, Doug enrolled in welding school to pay his bills.
Through the trade, he found himself making furniture with spare time and materials. Eventually he came to head the metal shop for a furniture company that specialized in designs utilizing industrial machine parts and pieces. Through his tenure there, Doug honed his skills as a furniture maker and businessman. Now with his own firm he continues his work designing, building, and sometimes even delivering his pieces to clients across the country.