Porcupine Box, maple
Porcupine Box cocobolo
Porcupine Box, maple lid open
Porcupine Box maple, secret compartment inside lid
Porcupine Box cocobolo open

Porcupine Box

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This limited-edition box is visually captivating and a joy to hold. It features three-dimensional carving on every side. The bottom of the main compartment is lined with Ultrasuede. A secret compartment is found under the lid.  A proprietary finish, developed by the artist over two decades, results in a durable silky-smooth finish with a wonderful tactile quality. Available in two woods, birds eye maple and cocobolo.

5" cube

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Eugene Watson

I create sculptural boxes, bowls, and furniture from exotic and domestic hardwoods. Geometric and architectural shapes influence my original designs. I use various exotic and domestic hardwoods and occasional abalone shell for inlays. Hand and power woodworking tools of all types help me create my complex designs. A computer-aided-design program is utilized to draw and determine the final shape and appearance of my designs and to create templates and precise angle measurements for the often-complex joints found in my work. My influences come from architecture, geometry, mathematics, and my surroundings in the Rocky Mountains.

Eugene received a BS in Electronics Technology from Southern Illinois University. Before woodworking, he utilized his electronics degree designing the electronics components for airplane black boxes. He began making boxes professionally in 1990 from an old 1200 square foot loft near Chicago's Chinatown.  In 1997, Eugene and his wife moved to Colorado where he now breathes fresh mountain air, enjoys milder temperatures, and listens to the wildlife while he works. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and mandolin.

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Designed and built an ornament for the White House Permanent Collection, 1996.