Holdfast Study
Holdfast Study, gallery view

Holdfast Study

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Original plein air painting, used as the reference for the large Holdfast studio piece. Oil on panel, frame by the artist. 

18" W x 14" H,  24" W x 20" H framed 

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Marc Anderson painting at the beach

Light has been the protagonist of painting since artists first put pigment to substrate. It’s the foundation of imagery, whether symbolic or literal, imagined or authentic. I carry on that tradition through observational, representational painting. Light informs so many things—more accurately, everything—we see. Fixating on light allows me to describe form in color temperature, value, saturation, and hue in a way that gives the viewer a sense of place. That’s the underlying goal. To communicate the feeling of a space with which the viewer’s connection is undeniable. The rich hues and luminous qualities that oils provide have been an inevitable, if joyful vehicle for me to express what I see.

Marc was born and raised in Wisconsin in the Rockwellian town of Wild Rose.
After graduating high school second in his class, he packed up his brushes and attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout, majoring in industrial design. After two years Marc switched majors to focus on illustration. Working largely in pen & ink and watercolor, he found an interest in political, satirical illustration and editorial cartooning. Marc continued on this career path for several years until, almost by accident, he discovered plein air painting. Although he loved the comfort and convenience of his studio, nothing could compete with this newfound passion. Politics was quickly replaced with depictions of the Wisconsin Landscape.
Marc continues to broaden his scope of painting techniques and subject matter and participates in plein air events and art shows across the country.