Eight panel silk shirt belted with scarf
Eight panel silk shirt

Eight Panel Silk Shirt

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This limited edition silk top is constructed by the artist of hand-dyed silk using various shibori techniques. Care options: wash separately, with shampoo (no Woolite), dry flat; wash in machine on delicate setting; dry clean.

One size.

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My focus is on the surface of the cloth.
I build my pieces to be worn gently on the body.
Colors are a never ending mystery. I mix my dyes from scratch. Non-colors, warm, cool, tones & shades.
I over-dye & discharge color using a shape-resist method. Manipulate the shape & apply pressure. Clamps or cord.
Press, wring, twist.
Metal under the clamps for shape & rust.
I take the silk to where I want it to go.
And it takes me.
My work is pieced & collaged.
I use heat & time.
My references come from where my eyes land.
Traces of what has been done.
Evidence revealing the memory of a gesture.
Skid marks, bundles, beat-up walls.
Shadows & glare.
Wring, Squeeze, Press.

Based in New Hampshire, Betsy is experienced in a wide range of media techniques including surface design on cloth, collage, painting and hand-made books. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Betsy Giberson's garments are exquisitely crafted of crinkled silk crepe de chine, organza and noil. Surface decoration is achieved with shape-resist, piece dying, and overdying. Pieces are often enhanced with stamped designs.