Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen, gallery view

Dairy Queen

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Original painting, oil on panel. 

36" x 48",  framed size 

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 I have traveled many paths, and pursued many interests, but have found myself continually being pulled back to painting. Painting hasn’t been my job and certainly not my career, but it is the one constant in my life. It is my one and only vocation. I can choose to work or not, but I must paint.
Painting is not my primary income, which may be an odd thing for an artist to confess, but I like it that way. I very much enjoy keeping full ownership of my painting. I’m allowed to paint exactly what I want to paint, to try whatever creative idea I have without having to please anyone but myself. It’s very freeing experience and I find it keeps my work fresh and unique to me. I paint in the “alla prima” style of painting. I think the proper foundation of good draftsmanship is essential, but I allow myself plenty of space to paint broadly, quickly, intuitively and painterly.

As a vegetarian and animal activist, Patty Voje tries to use her art to bring awareness to her audience. She has been drawn to animals her whole life. Growing up she lived on a small hobby farm where she had a handful of pigs, sheep, horses, dogs and the occasional chicken. Animals, much like painting, fed her soul. Farm animals are often just thought of as a food source, and therefore, some find easy to mistreat. But, just like humans, they experience pain, fear, sorrow, and happiness. Her goal is to find those moments, and express them in her work.
She also enjoy getting outdoors, painting en plein air. Her goal for her plein air work is similar to her studio work. Work fast and capture the essence of the day. Whether it’s a breathtaking vista or humble view of a neighborhood alley, the goal is to capture the emotional response to scene. Nothing is more intoxicating than chasing light around a canvas.

Patty studied Fine Art at the University of Minnesota and at the Atelier of Minneapolis. She earned her BFA degree at Metropolitan State University. She also studied with several prominent Minnesotan artists, including Joe Paquet, Richard Abraham, Michael Frey and Mary Pettis. She is an active member of American Institute for Graphic Artists and Outdoor Painter’s of Minnesota.

2003 Four Corners and the Cathedral - Plein Air Invitational, St. Paul, Minnesota 

2003 Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Competition, Juried Exhibit
2014 Outdoor Painter’s of Minnesota Member Exhibit
2015 Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Competition, Juried Exhibit
2016 Minnesota State Fair Fine Art Competition, Juried Exhibit

2016 Paint The Point plein air competition, Best In Show