Beach Walk, framed
Beach Walk, framed, gallery view

Beach Walk

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Original painting

Oil on board, floater frame

18" x 24" W,  20.5" x 26" W framed

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During my first experience with plein air painting, when an observer commented on my easel’s potential wet mess, it brought me feelings of near-terror! After more experience painting "en plein air" I found a new passion. Mishaps along the way: boats rowing away, trucks parking in front of the subject and beach sand inadvertently becoming part of the piece, are now all bonuses to the experience. My former science teachers might be surprised how much I now study nature, not just staring at the clouds, but to give paintings the essence of the scene on a flat panel. 

As far back as LuAnn remembers, she has loved making art, with first works done in crayon on the walls of the family farm in Clinton, Wisconsin.  She grew up in a chaotic household of five children, where creativity was supported and modeled by talented parents. During high School, she earned her college tuition doing art commissions, which also honed her drawing skills. After receiving a degree in art education from University of Wisconsin/Platteville, LuAnn headed off to be an art teacher. She enjoyed a rewarding career teaching art, and continued to learn with a MS in art education and E.Ds. from Northern Illinois University. She directed her school district's fine arts programs, and did seven-year detour as a principal for a sweet elementary school. In 2014 she changed gears to focus on painting, and during this time, discovered the world of plein air painting through her artist-sister, Lynette Redner. As LuAnn works and studies representational painting, she has attained professional accomplishments. She has won numerous awards, in both national and regional shows, plein air events, and art festivals.