Thomas Hall

Over the years of making custom furniture I have found there is a quality or more correctly a presence in the pieces I've made that enhances the space they dwell in. The object could be a door or a desk--it really doesn't matter; this new entity has life in it that adds to the surroundings and to the life of its new owners. There is quality and purpose that can be touched and intuited. I've thought about this many times, and have come to realize, it is much more than the sum of the raw materials and sweat that go into an object.

I am a furniture designer and craftsman. I've been working in eastern Iowa since the early '80's. My furniture work over the years has encompassed a large range of styles, from true antique reproductions and restoration work to my own contemporary designs.
My work ethic is very much imbedded in a traditional approach to craft. Whenever possible, I use traditional joinery and time-tested technique. I also believe furniture should fulfill a function and that design much be subordinate to the purpose for which a piece is created.
In my design work, I am happiest when working in a modern style. I find in contemporary forms I can express a lightness and playfulness that is part of my character. To me, furniture should add it's personality to a room; it should bring a sense of joy and celebration of life.
At the risk of sounding too dramatic there is something of the maker's soul in the finished piece. Every board is selected, every joint is considered for strength and appearance, each design element is weighed, and if a discrepancy arises between drawing board and the completed project, changes are made to improve the end result. This is a quality that lasts, and it is there every time you open a cabinet door to reach for your favorite coffee mug. There is life inside.