Amy Nguyen

Architectural and organic in structure, my contemporary artwear emphasizes both surface design and texture. Japanese aesthetic, twentieth-century modern sculpture and proportion within nature inspire my work. Shibori, rozome and katazome, all ancient dyeing techniques, allow for my expression of pattern and color on a single piece of expansive white cloth. I then deconstruct this art cloth to further explore with layering, stitching, piecing, quilting and patterning. Each step informs the next. Kinetic in nature, each piece I make is both sculptural and functional on the body.

For over twenty years Amy Nguyen has been stitching, painting, patterning, dyeing and sculpting—cultivating her love of art and fabric. During the last decade, her artistic journey has led her in the direction of wearable art—a place both creative and functional—where she has been greatly influenced by Japanese textile design. She is inspired by nature, texture and compelling artists and fashion designers such as Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Naum Gabo and Constantin Brancusi.
Amy’s degree in studio art and art history, her background in costume and theatre design, and her studies with master textile artists, have all aligned to enrich her textile work. Her exquisite wearable art may be found in galleries, specialty boutiques and museum stores as well as juried craft and museum shows. She currently lives in Boston with her husband Ky.