Links and Folds

Links and Folds #2

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Graphic 2-dimensional teardrop chain-link forms connect to large asymmetrical 3-dimensional elongated loops. Hand cut by the artist from brass sheet. Linked with sterling silver loops. Powder coated gloss in cream, one-of-a-kind, available now. 

19" overall length

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Ashley Buchanan

My current body of work is a series of hand-cut, powder coated jewelry that focuses on image, pattern and decoration in order to reference ornamentation and historical jewelry. I am interested in a reality that exists through images and representations and how the appearance of an object can substitute for the original. The use of repeated iconic imagery is important to my work in order to establish a familiar identity between the viewer and the object.

Ashley Buchanan (b. 1986, Atlanta, Georgia), received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the University of Georgia. Drawing on common jewelry motifs and iconic imagery, she individually hand-cuts silhouettes from sheet metal using a traditional jeweler’s saw. She then applies color using an industrial process called powder coating. This method of painting electrostatically covers metal with a dry pigment, which is then cured under heat to create a durable, uniform finish. Finally, she assembles these components together in order to create new simplified pieces of jewelry that maintain a clean contemporary aesthetic.