Barre Candy Earrings, Aqua
Barre Candy Earrings, Violet

Barre Candy Earrings

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Lampwork glass handmade by the artist.

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Krista Bermeo

My goal is to make light itself wearable, and my artistic maxim for jewelry design is the same as for my vision of life:  Keep it light. The drop shape is not new. The rounded drop shape is a basic property to molten glass and for that matter, liquid itself.  It is a beguiling shape as it captures light in such a way that implies suspension, and so I use it as the starting place for many of my jewelry designs.

Krista Bermeo is self-taught. She started her career making jewelry using blown glass and metal-smithing techniques in the 2000s, initially focusing on playful organic forms that were frequently sold in children’s museums. Since 2006, she has shifted to melting glass rods on a propane torch, using gravity and dental tools to form desired shapes from a molten mass.

Her glasswork has evolved to focus intensely on other forms inspired by the natural world, delicate shapes reminiscent of diatoms, dewdrops, pebbles, sticks, and bits of magnified sand. Though she now produces jewelry primarily for adults, Krista's designs are still characterized by her fascination with light and an aesthetic balance between elegance and play.