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Lisa K Stauffer

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  • I am fascinated by the interplay of light and color that I see in the
    beauty surrounding me and I work to capture the mood of those
    special moments in my paintings. I choose to paint with soft pastel
    for the incredible richness and intensity of the color possibilities and
    textures I can create with them. I am primarily an outdoor painter and
    pastelʼs direct application allows for the immediacy demanded in plein
    air work. I often use a watercolor underpainting as a setup for the
    pastel layers in my work, which adds the interplay of transparent and
    opaque mediums to the visual quality of the final piece. I can be
    found painting all around town and far beyond.

  • Biography
    Lisa Stauffer received her Masterʼs in Design (University Of
    Minnesota, Minneapolis) and studied Illustration at Parsonʼs School of
    Design (NYC). She continues her education by taking workshops
    from nationally recognized painters whose work inspires her. She
    has worked and taught in a wide variety of media, now primarily
    painting in soft pastel with a special focus on painting en plein air to
    indulge her fascination with light and color in Minnesotaʼs beautiful
    north shore landscape. Lisa was awarded Master Circle status by the
    International Association Of Pastel Societies in 2011. She was
    awarded the H.K. Holbein Award at the Pastel Society Of America
    Show at the National Arts Club in New York City, September 2010,
    and the Pastel Painters Of Cape Cod Award in 2012. Both of these
    years her painting was one of those chosen by the Director of the
    Butler Institute Of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, to travel to the
    exhibit American Pastels- 2010 on display December 2010-January
    2011 at the museum, and the 2012 show on display Dec 2012- Jan
    2013. Lisa was juried into the Pastel Society Of America and
    awarded Signature status in 2012.

  • Selected Juried Exhibitions And Gallery Shows

    Butler Institute Of American Art, Flora B. Giffuni Gallery of American Pastels, Invited Artist*, American Pastels Dec 2012-Jan 2013, Dec 2010- Jan 2011

    Pastel Society Of America- For Pastels Only 38th Annual Juried Exhibition- September 2013, 2012* Pastel Painters Of Cape Cod Award, 2010* HK Holbein Award

    International Association Of Pastel Societies Juried Show-June 2015 Master Circle Show, June 2013 Master Circle Show, August 2012, Master Circle Invitational, June 2011, Juried Show- Jan. 2010, Fall 2009* Awarded Master Circle Status. Spring 2009* Honorable Mention, 2008, 2007, 2006

    MidAmerica Pastel Society. National Juried Show-September 2015* Honorable Mention, September 2014* Honorable Mention, May 2014* Third, Merit, August 2010* MAPS Award, 2007

    Lake Country Pastel Society-2016* First Place, 2015* First Place, 2014* Third Place, 2013* Honorable Mention, 2012*, Second Place Award, 2011* Best In Show, 2010* Honorable Mention, 2009* Second Place Award, 2008, 2007* Honorable Mention, 2006 MN Landscape Arboretum, 2005 Edina Arts Center, 2004* Honorable Mention, 2003* Honorable Mention, 2002

    Paint The Point Plein Air Competition, Mineral Point, WI, February 2016* Second Place, February 2015* Best In Show, August 2014* First Place Quick Paint

    Elk River Area Arts Alliance National Juried Show- March 2015* First Place Pastel, 2014* Merit Award, 2013, 2012, 2011* Arts Alliance Award, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006* Honorable Mention, 2005

    Red Wing Arts Association Plein Air Painting Competition, June 2015* Second Place, 2014* Best Downtown, 2013* Judge's Award, 2012* Honorable Mention, 2011* Paint The Town Award, 2010*, Award Of Excellence, Artist's Choice Award

    Peninsula Art School Door County, WI, Still Life invitational May 2014. Plein Air Painting Competition, Invited Artist July 2013, Dockside Quick Paint July 2012*, First Place, July 2010*, Second Place Award

    Grand Marais Art Colony Plein Air Painting Competition- September 2015, 2014* Honorable Mention, 2013, 2012* People's Choice Award, August 2011* People's Choice Award, 2010* People's Choice Award,* Winner After Dark Competition, *2nd Place, 2009* People’s Choice Award,* Johnson Foods Purchase Award,* Second Place, 2008* Judge, 2007* First Place Professional, * Winner- After Dark Competition, * Winner- Quick Paint Competition, 2006* Third Place Professional, * Winner- After Dark Competition, 2005

    Duluth Art Institute-Waterworks-July-August 2013, Outopia- The Perfect Landscape six painters invitational May-July 2009, Arrowhead Biennial 2012, 2006,

    Artists Del Norte- 2008* Award Of Excellence, 2006* Award Of Excellence, 2005

    MacRostie Center For The Arts Solo Exhibit January 2012, Annual Juried Show-2014, 2013, 2009* People’s Choice Award, 2008, 2007, 2006* People’s Choice Award 2D, 2005, 2004, 2003

    Artists Of Minnesota-2015* Second Place Professional, 2014* First Place Professional, 2013* Professional Honorable Mention, 2012*, Professional Honorable Mention, 2011* First Place Professional, 2010* Second Place Professional, First Place Mini, Creative Originality Mini, 2009* First Place Professional, Creative Originality Award, 1st Place Mini Competition 2008, 2007* 2nd Award Advanced Pastel, 2006* Merit Award Advanced Pastel, * Creative Originality Award Mini Competition, 2005* 2nd Award Advanced Pastel, 2004, 2003 * Merit Award Advanced Pastel

    Lizzard’s Gallery-2010 July, One Woman Show, 2007 Spring Gallery Hop- Featured Painter, 2006 Spring Gallery Hop- Featured Painter, 2003 Fall Show- Featured Painter

    Art Dock Group Gallery- Hop Show 2016-1994

    Johnson Heritage Post- March 2012 New Work, July 2011 One Woman Show, 2003 “Stauffer, Steinke, Stauffer”

    1666 Coffman, U of MN 2009 Sept, 2006 August-Sept One Woman Show- Pastel Paintings

    Pastel Society Of America, SIgnature Member 2012 to present
    Lake Country Pastel Society- Minnesota’s Pastel Society 2002-present Workshop Chair 2005-2015
    Elk River Area Arts Alliance 2005-present