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Original colored pencil on paper

64" H x 64" W

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Zoe Lynn Jarvis

Growing up, flowers bloomed wild and untamed in the pastures at my family’s farm and in my mother’s garden. Eighteen years later, at my father’s funeral, flowers became a symbol of love and memorial. Flowers represent nature’s beauty, memory, and love.
Nature is a source of solace and a reminder of individual strength. My drawings present nature in the form of abundant flower blooms, rendered exclusively in Prismacolor colored pencils and spread across large sheets of paper. Each drawing depicts only one kind of flower. The flowers are repeated in varying sizes and from differing vantage points until the myriad flowers begin to exist together.
The drawings are built-up and discovered over time, somewhat unpredictably. They are composed of small crosshatched areas that begin in a localized region on the paper and are replicated, expanding in all directions from the point of origin. Size and direction of the crosshatches influences which way the composition will grow. In a sense, each drawing is an endurance project of marks advancing across the paper. The more time spent on the drawing the more realized and exposed the composition becomes. These drawings motivate the creation of themselves. My drawings embody how family and nature have impacted my life.

Zoe Linn Jarvis was born in 1993 in Seoul, Korea. As a Korean adoptee raised in the United States, Jarvis fully identifies as both American and Korean. She holds a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and   continues her pursuit of fifteen-plus years as a classical pianist. As a passionate and driven artist and musician, Zoe emphasizes the importance of a strong work ethic to fuel progress in her various professional and personal practices.