FIELDS: New work by Michael Costanza

Illinois artist Michael Costanza returns to Wantoot Gallery on Saturday, December 3, 5:00pm - 8:00pm, for the opening of FIELDS: An Exploration Into The Immediate and Automatic Act of Mark-making. Wantoot patrons know Michael for his complex college compositions that weave multiple story lines. Michael was on hand for Wantoot’s gallery grand opening in 2012, and returned a few years later to create and host a 5 piece presentation for SLOW ART DAY.

"Dirt Cloud"-- An example of Michael's earlier collage.

 Michael’s show FIELDS is his first exploration into the immediate and automatic act of mark-making, treating each picture plane as a field on which to make the mark. Just as games are played on fields, this body of work consists of a variety of art games where a rule or set of rules were created and followed to execute the work. Occasionally, rules may have been broken to make the piece work.




As the body of work continued to grow, themes and representation began to transpire from the automatic marks. Certain marks began taking on representational meaning: the sights and sounds of water, waves, streams, land, grass, dirt, mountains and natures’s textures became the most prevalently used. With these thematic attachments transpiring, the images then developed a distant relationship with ancient, writing systems such as hieroglyphs and aa variety of other pictographic scripts.



FIELDS  features over 17 artworks ranging in size from 5" x 5" to 24" x 36".