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Wave Pendant Necklace

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Round circles and solid discs of bright sterling silver are used to create the calming symmetry in this design. The pieces are unusual for the artist: individual elements are not free-moving (kinetic). The pieces are hand fabricated by the artist from many small parts. The set includes earrings, pendant necklace and bangle bracelet, also sold separately. 

earrings 2.5", pendant necklace 18", bangle bracelet 3.5" wide 

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Jennifer Chin

The foundation of my jewelry design is based on the idea of organic themes mixing with machine inspired motifs, the interplay between these two extremes, and the beautiful and interesting mathematical patterns that occur in nature. Using sterling silver, gold and gemstones, typical combinations include: stars, fur, flower petals, pine needles and bird's wings, alongside machine parts and perfect geometric shapes. Kinetic movement plays an important role in the designs, concentric circles spinning inside hexagons or a stairway of silver folding like a puzzle. Techniques used to create the jewelry include metal forging, intricate soldering, bezel fabrication, gem setting and wire wrapping. The themes are complex and original, but the jewelry itself is very simple and stylish. 

Jennifer grew up in a small town in New Hampshire and studied studio arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. While there, she experimented with various media, from photography and film to steel welding and mixed media sculpture. There was a freedom working with precious metals that Jennifer could not find in other media. The malleability, textures, and unlimited possibilities of raw metal continue to excite her creative impulses. Along with the flexibility and natural beauty of metals, the idea of metal as industrial material was an intriguing concept that inspired much of her early pieces, and continues to today.
In 2011, Jennifer's first book, Hot Connections Jewelry (Random House) was published. Hot Connections Jewelry is a complete sourcebook of jewelry making techniques using a torch.Jennifer lives and works in South Boston's Fort Point Channel neighborhood.  There, she enjoys a very supportive community of artists and friends.