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Walnut Keyhole Table

"Having done restoration work on Victorian houses for years, I've always loved the play of motion in the positive and negative shapes in the exterior trim--the starting point for this design. The top of this table is a playful puzzle of parts that create a composition of motion.
The design is only half of this piece--the wood is a rarity; it is air-dried old growth native walnut. Air drying preserves the rich, varied colors in the boards. At times the crouch grain in the drawer front looks blue to me and there are many shades in the top. 'Old growth' means the tree started life under the canopy of larger trees and grew slowly. This makes the growth rings closer together giving the wood a denser quality. It was a pleasure working with hand tools in making this piece."
18" W x 29.25" H x 17" W
Ships within 3 days.
by Thomas Hall