Slim Table

The drawer bunk of this original table design is made of salvaged Russian Olive with salvaged Claro Walnut drawer fronts. Drawer pulls are carved Ebony. The legs are ebonized Ash. Four and five drawer variations are readily available. Custom sizes in other wood species can also be made. A durable oil-based varnish protects the work. (Five drawer piece shown). "Slim" is featured on Page 170 of 500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style, (Lark Books, 2009).

36" high X 36" wide X 10.5" deep (4 drawer)

36" high X 42" wide X 12" deep (5 drawer)

One four drawer piece in the woods described is available now, and will be shipped within 3 days. Other pieces are made to order and are available in 4 - 6 weeks.

by Brian Hubel

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