Hagoita Vase, Peacock

Hagoita Vase

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This limited edition, slab-built stoneware features intricate hand tooling. Clear Swish or Peacock glaze.

16.5" H x 5" x 5"

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Kathy and Thomas Arakawa

The pottery making process is magical. Things existing only in our imaginations become tangible objects which add value to people’s everyday life. The pottery creation is measured by the human senses at nearly every stage of the  process. This process reflects our emotion and passion in the tangible result. It affirms our Asian heritage and the American influence on us.
We aspire to make unique functional pottery that reflect ourselves, fits the American life style and enriches our customers’ everyday life. As we are making pottery, we think about how individual customers use our pieces and how it affects them. This gives us a unique connection with the people who use our pots.
We achieve our goal by making functional pottery as a collaborative work between us and our customers. Our functional-ware completes as art when customers use it. Our dinnerware is complete as art when customers place their food and use it in their everyday life. Our ikebana flower vases are only complete when customers include their flower arrangements and place the completed piece in the perfect location in their home.

In 2009 Thomas Arakawa was working as an auditor at a large accounting firm when he enrolled in a workshop at Blossom Hills Crafts pottery studio. He was hooked. In the following years he was mentored by studio owners Joanne Brice and David Johanson. He continued his education in Wood firing under Phil Park at Spring Valley Anagama, and Hiroshi Ogawa at Hikarigama Anagama in Elkton, Oregon. In 2014 Kathy began working with him and they began a professional relationship that blossomed into a life partnership.
Most of their pieces are collaborative efforts. Thomas throws most of the pots, and Kathy does slab work, decoration and glazing. They use three types of stoneware for the work and gas fire to 2300F. Their wide variety of functional and sculptural designs are both sturdy and delicate. Their striking Ikebana vases are now receiving national acclaim.