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Sufi Dining Table

"The concept for this project came from a desire to create a segmented
pattern top for an oval dining table. I went through several versions of the design, but the table only came to life when I met a Sufi dancer and became fascinated with the dance. The undulating table edge and varying wood grain direction give the top an endless circular flow reminiscent of a dancer's cloak or skirt. The stainless steel winged feet perpetuate the illusion of the table flying across the floor."
This table’s top was made possible because of some unique pieces of very wide old growth myrtle maple planks. The undercarriage is made of baltic birch plywood, birch veneer, stainless steel, chromed acorn nut fasteners, and ebony inlay detailing. Limited Edition. Price includes delivery and installation in the 48 contiguous United States.

90” L x 45” D
Height 32”
Available now.

by Thomas Hall