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Black Fish

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Original oil on canvas painting.

40" x 30"

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Katherine Treffinger 

I find joy as an artist in discovering harmony and beauty among the chaos. This is also true of my relation to life. Whether viewing or creating a painting, what holds my attention the most is a sense of history and mystery. Painting for me is all about the paint and, of course, the color. I lay the paint down and then start responding to it. I push myself to go beyond what is safe, nice or precious. I like to go into a part of the work I am enjoying and do something completely out of control, forcing me to keep working it. The result is that there arises a unique complexity within the resulting painting that cannot be preplanned or explained.  When I stand before an empty canvas or piece of paper, I am lost, unaware of what to do. In fact, my most satisfying work comes from staying lost. Navigational confidence is seldom productive for me. Each piece becomes the recording of a unique introspective exploration.

Katherine spent her childhood in Sausalito, California in the 50’s.  She remembers it as a magical place, teeming with artists and creative expression.  Across the street from her house was one of the coffeehouses where the “bohemians” came to listen to music, and writers such as Allen Ginsberg, Gary Snyder and Jack Kerouac read from their work.
Katherine has been powerfully influenced by the work of Nathan Olivera, Willy Heeks, Jim Dine, Frank Auerbach, Rick Bartow, Fritz Scholder and the great Chinese abstract master Zao Wou Ki. She lives in Eastern Oregon and is strongly influenced by the beauty of the area.
"Black Fish" Oil on Canvas, 40" H x 30" W

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