Robbie Heidinger

My pieces are minimal, derived from nature, and intended to create a harmonious form in space. My work has been deeply inspired by artists who breakdown form to fundamental gestures such as Hepworth, Brancusi, Puryear, Kapoor, Arp and countless other visual artists. Dance and music have also had a huge influence on my approach to clay and how I think about an objects ability to control space.
Most of my forms are hand-built and a select few become molds for slip casting. That said, there are never two pieces that are identical. Each piece comes out of the kiln with a unique glaze surface, sometimes shiney, other times matt, depending on placement in my soda kiln. The atmosphere in the kiln also varies from firing to firing making the results always a surprise!

I've worked in clay for over 25 years, have an MFA Degree from RISD, and have been honored with the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artist Fellowship.