Killer B Jacket, jazz blue, on model
Killer B Jacket, jazz blue, on model back detail view
Killer Bee jacket, lime

Killer Bee Jacket

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This playful short jacket incorporates a two layers. The ultra suede (synthetic microfiber) outside layer is black. The inside layer, collar, and details are 100% merino wool felt in a bright contrasting color.  Artfully arranged holes in the outside layer reveal the fun color underneath. 

Made to order, ships within 2 weeks.

Size       Equivalent        Bust            Hips
S           4 - 6                  33 - 35         35 - 36
M          8 - 10                35 - 37         36 - 38
L          12 - 14               38 - 40         39 - 41

I rely upon superb materials and an architectural mindset to keep my clothes simple and elegant, with clean lines and a sculptured look. Instead of complex patterns and dense texture, I choose to focus on structure and shape. In the end, I just want to make clothes that I want to wear. This keeps me personally invested in every piece, keeping my standards high and my approach honest.

Teresa Maria Widuch has born into an industrious family in Poland, surrounded by the conflicting forces of an artistic family and the scarcities of communism. This early exposure to the possibilities of meeting necessity through beautiful form guided her through a multitude of careers and countries. Throughout, she has worked on her art, developing an aesthetic that shows ingenuity and authenticity: an efficient use of materials with a clean line that is elegant but never flashy.

Each piece is given the time necessary to ensure the highest level of quality. Teresa has chosen from the finest merino wools, wool felts, and ultrasuedes from around the world for this purpose. Each piece is individually designed, cut, and assembled: no two pieces, even within the same design, are exactly alike. Teresa Maria Widuch is entirely self-taught, drawing upon a lifetime of painting, freehand portraiture, sewing, knitting, and silk painting.