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Sadie Wang

  • Jewelry is a most personal object because it is worn close to a person’s body. It has served as a vehicle to identify class, social status, wealth and taste for centuries. I am challenged to continue on the path in the decorative arts field and to create objects that are meaningful in our lives and culture.

    Metal hollowware has been my passion for many years. I believe that through my experiences in hollowware I have become a better jeweler. In my work I demand both functionality and aesthetic quality. Every piece that I create is a uniquely designed original piece, made with professional quality. My jewelry is designed to bring attention to the wearer while being worn comfortably. Depends on the piece, the work can be for special occasions or for everyday wear.

    My aesthetic vision is simple but unique. My work can appear to be quite, subtle yet possesses a strong design quality. Everyone can appreciate beautiful objects while enjoying wearing them. It is important that the work gives the tactile and visual pleasure to the wearer.

    While my hollowware continues to receive recognition through national and international exhibitions, I am determined to keep working on my jewelry to bring better and better work to you. I would like to share with you the gift that I have to design and make wonderful jewelry.

    Being a craft artist who makes a living off her work translate to working on many projects at the same time. Designing and experimenting new work is something that is always in continuum in my studio.

    I have been working with silver, gold and resin for a while. More recently I have had opportunity to also work with hand blown glass through another glass artist. I designed and participated the making process of a group of “glass gems” sizeable for jewelry. In order to appropriate the two materials working together, I had to come up with a new body of work. That was when I came up with the Folded Leaf line.

    At first, I wanted to make a “pedestal” if you will, to show off the glass gems as the centerpiece. And yet since I am a silversmith, I also want to make the silver work thoughtful and will require craftsmanship to deliver quality. The end result is that both media does not overshadow the other and does not compete against each other but to compliment each other with grace. In my opinion, successful work has always had this layered complexity.

    After such investigation, I realized that my Folded Leaf design has a lot of potential. I continue working with them and therefore this new body of work is included to my newest jewelry line.

    This line of work requires all hand fabrication in several stages before completion. The process is also often tough on my hands therefore more time is required. Due to the choice of making process, the work is light-weight and possess a three-dimensional quality. It looks like an abstract three-dimensional leaf to a flower or a star.

    More possibilities are revealing themselves as I continue to work with it. Although I have been very fond of resin as a material, I am going to focus on this body of work for now. But I do anticipate that I will return to resin. And I look forward to discover how the new work will be when I am ready.

    Studio Artist
    Sadie Wang Handmade Design Jewelry, Silver Point TN
    Aug 2000--Present

    Tennessee Technological University, TN. USA Appalachian Center for Craft, Department of Metalsmithing
    Aug 15, 1999 - Aug 15, 2000

    Visiting Artist
    Tennessee Technological University, TN USA Appalachian Center for Craft Metalsmithing
    March 1999 – July 1999

    Part-time Lecturer
    Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 3D Metalsmithing
    July 1998 – December 1998

    Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills. MI
    Master of Fine Arts. May 1997

    Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
    Bachelor of Arts. May 1994
    Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design

    Chinese Culture University, Taipei Taiwan
    Print Communication
    Position Held

    Honorable Mention TACA Biennial The Best of TN Craft Sep-Oct 2010
    Best Display TACA Spring Fair, Nashville, TN May 2010
    Niche Award finalist Jewelry Fine category 2010 (awaiting result Feb 2010)
    Niche award finalist Jewelry Sculpture to Wear category 2010
    Niche Award finalist Jewelry Silver category 2010
    Best in Show TACA Craft Fair, Nashville, TN May 2009
    Second Place St Louis Art Fair, St Louis Mo Sep 2008
    Merit Award TACA Craft Fair, Nashville, TN may 2008
    Award of Merit Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham, AL, April 2008
    Honorable Mention Broad Ripple Art Fair Indianapolis, IN 2007
    Black and White paper Award Magic City Art Connection Birmingham, AL 2007
    First Place St Louis Art Fair St Louis, MO Sep 2006
    Excellence Award Art Splash, Souix City, IA Sep 2006
    Merit Award Smoky Hill River Festival, June 2006
    Merit Award TACA Spring Fair, Nashville, TN May 2006
    Joe Pier Award Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham, AL 2006
    Merit Award TACA Spring Fair, Nashville, TN May2005
    Niche Award Metal Hollowware, 2005
    Black & White Paper Award Magic City Art Connection, Birmingham, AL 2005
    Award of Achievement American Craft Council Shows Atlanta, GA 2003
    Niche Award Metal Hollowware, 2003
    Niche Award Metal Hollowware, 2000
    Selected for the International Competition Exhibition of All Japan Handicraft
    Handiwork Art Society, Dec 2000, Tokyo, Japan
    Dream, Life and Craft National Functional Art Competition Award,
    National Craft Research Institute, 2000, Taiwan
    GFWC Woman’s Club Award, National Competition of Two and Three Dimensional
    Art Lafayette Art Association, LA, 2000
    Outstanding Design Award, National Taiwan Craft Research Institute New Product
    Design Development Competition, 2000, Taipei, Taiwan

    Master Craft Artist/Apprenticeship Grant TN Arts Commissions / Tennessee Association of Craft Artist Jewelry Master 2011
    Individual fellowship grant, TN Arts Commission, State of TN, 2005

    Art Jewelry Today 2: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd 2008
    The Art Jewelry of Plastic & Resin: Lark Books 2008
    500 Metal vessels : Lark Books 2007
    Art Jewelry: Gallery Section Jan 2007
    Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts: Lark Books 2007
    Individual Artist Fellowship Commemorative catalog:
    Tennessee Arts Commission 2007
    The Art & Craft of making Jewelry : Lark Book 2006
    American Style Article: Metal Master Dec 2006
    Niche: Jewelry 2006 Spring 2006
    Niche: Teapots Spring 2005
    500 Brooches Lark Books 2005
    Niche: Niche Award Winner 2000, 2003, 2005

    TACA Biennial The best of Tennessee Craft Middle Tennessee State University
    Gallery at Andrew Todd Hall Sep-Oct 2010

    Annual Holiday Festival exhibition Appalachian Center for the Craft
    Nov 2009 - Jan 2010

    Critical Mass: Metalsmithing under Gary Griffin at Cranbrook
    Bloomfield Hills, MI June-Nov 2006

    Solo Exhibition, Gallery one, Appalachian Center for Crafts, Oct 2002 Smithville TN

    Craft Forms 2001, Wayne Art Center, PA, Wayne PA, USA Nov2001- Jan 2002
    37th Mid-States Craft Exhibition, Evansville Museum of Art and Science,
    Evansville IN, Nov25th 2001-Jan 13 2002
    Holiday festival annual exhibition, Appalachian Center for Crafts,
    Smithville, TN, Nov-Dec 2001
    Metal Departures, Exhibition Center, The Society for Midwest Metalsmiths,
    St. Louis MI, Oct-Dec 2001
    Contemporary Interpretations of Tradition, Museum of Early Trades & Crafts,
    Madison, NJ, July 01-Feb 02
    Telling Tales, 9th Annual Invitational Teapot Show, Craft Alliance,
    St. Louis, MO, Sep. 2001
    Fresh Metals, Gallery Invitational Exhibition, Appalachian Center for Crafts,
    Smithville TN Aug-Sep 2001

    The 25th Japanese Craft Association International Art Exhibition, Dec 10th-16th,
    Tokyo, Japan
    Craft Forms 2000, Dec 1, 2000 – Jan 22, 2001, Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA
    SOFA Chicago, Nov 3-6 2000, Chicago IL, 2000
    TACA Biennial Exhibition--The Best of Tennessee Crafts, Carroll Reese Museum,
    June 8th- August 6th, Jason City, TN, August 24- October 20, Christian
    Brothers University Gallery, Memphis TN, November 1 - December 31,
    McMinn County Living Heritage Museum, Athens, TN
    Celestial Seasoning Tea Cup Competition Exhibition, June 23 – Sep 9, 2000,
    Ferrin Gallery, Croton, NY
    SOFA New York, May 31st - June 4th 2000, New York NY
    Solo Exhibition, The Yaw Gallery, May 2000, Birmingham MI
    The Annual Artist-in-Residence Exhibition, Appalachian Center for Craft Gallery
    Two, April 2000, Smithville, TN
    National Taiwan Craft Research Institute Jewelry Competition Exhibition,
    Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Dept. Store, August 2000, Taipei, Taiwan
    Material: Hard and Soft, Jan 29-March 10, 2000. Greater Denton Arts Council,
    Denton TX
    National Juried Competition of Two & Three Dimensional Art, Lafayette Art
    Association, March 9-April 25, 2000 Lafayette, LA

    Permanent Collection at National Taiwan Craft Research Institute:
    Birmingham Memories

    Slide lecture, Tainan Art Academy, Jan. 6, 2000, Tainan, Taiwan
    Group Slide Lecture, Tennessee Technological University, Appalachian Center
    for Craft, Nov. 5, 1999
    “Artist Talk”—Slide Lecture, Handmade: Shifting Paradigm, Oct 2, 1999,
    Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
    Slide Lecture, Tennessee Technological University, Appalachian Center for Craft,
    March 1999
    Group Slide Lecture “Conversation”, Conference, State University of New York,
    New Paltz, Fall 1996