Rebecca Zemans

  • In addition to making sculpture, I realized shrinking the scale to jewelry size would allow me to make art that is accessible to everyone.
    Strong and delicate, ancient and modern, my designs are contemporary with a classic look. Conceptually, they derive from my fascination with biological cells viewed through a microscope and celestial bodies viewed through a telescope. Movement is also a key component as I strive to create comfortable, everyday jewelry that complements and expresses the exceptional qualities of the individual. 
    Each piece of my jewelry tells its own story: every blow of the hammer, every bent curve of metal, every stone collected from far-away lands becomes part of a one-of-a-kind, wearable work of art.
  • Rebecca is a mixed media sculpture and jewelry artist whose work can be found in public and private collections around the world. She studied under Sadashi Inuzuka at the University of Michigan, earning dual degrees in Metalsmithing and Cultural Anthropology.
    She was a studio artist and faculty member at The Crucible, the renowned arts center in Oakland, California.  Her large-scale steel, bronze, and clay sculptures appeared throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including at the Oakland Museum, Oakland International Airport, and San Francisco’s ArtWorkSF gallery.
    In 2007, Rebecca returned home to Chicago to be resident metal artist at Lillstreet Art Center, where she created a jewelry collection inspired by her continuing sculpture practice. She now participates in the top crafts shows throughout the country. Rebecca has taught at the Chicago Children’s Museum and River East Art Center and currently is on faculty at Lillstreet Art Center and the Hyde Park Art Center.
  • Publications
    Chicago Social, feature article, March 2009
    Chicago Collection, Fall 2009, Spring 2010
Comet Cluster Cuff
Comet Cluster Cuff $350.00
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Comet Cluster Earrings
Comet Cluster Earrings $160.00
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Comet Cluster Pendant with 7 stones
Comet Cluster Pendant from $240.00
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Concentric Necklace
Concentric Necklace $270.00
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Cumulas Studs
Cumulas Studs $95.00
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Dropping Comet Earrings
Dropping Comet Earrings $175.00
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Electron Necklace
Electron Necklace $185.00
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Forged Galaxy earrings and small pendant
Forged Galaxy Set from $175.00
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Glactical Lei
Galactical Lei $3,600.00
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Galaxy Bangles
Galaxy Bangle $250.00
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Galaxy Dangles, sterling silver
Galaxy Dangles from $65.00
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Galaxy Studs, sterling
Galaxy Studs from $60.00
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Golgi Cuff
Golgi Cuff $195.00
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Infinity Cuff Bracelet
Infinity Cuff Bracelet $140.00
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Large Stardust Set
Large Stardust Pendant and Earrings from $220.00
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Long Forged Galaxy Pendant
Long Forged Galaxy Pendant $220.00
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Meteor Drops
Meteor Drops $65.00
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MW1 Brooch/Pendant
MW1 Brooch/Pendant $350.00
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Nebula Pendant
Nebula Pendant $140.00
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Satellite Pins
Satellite Pins $90.00
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Satellite String Necklace
Satellite String $2,400.00
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Satellite studs and pendant set
Satellite Studs and Pendant from $130.00
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Small Satellite Pendant
Small Satellite Pendant $135.00
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Small Stardust Studs
Small Stardust Studs $380.00
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Suspended Comet Pendant
Suspended Comet Pendant $140.00
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Vega Studs
Vega Studs $85.00
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