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Pamela Whitlock

  • I consider myself to be a craftsman as well as an artist. I create pieces that have both the practical function of providing warmth to the wearer, as well as the aesthetic value of enhancing the beauty of everyday life.  My influences were my mother, an avid knitter, and Jack Lenor Larsen, whose wonderful fabrics covered the furniture in my childhood home. 

    I focus on the multi-harness weaving technique called shadow weave. I employ bamboo yarn for its durability, its crisp visual effect, and its silky-soft hand.
  • Born 1952, Pittsburgh,PA
    Grew up in Greenwich,CT
    Antioch College,Yellow Springs,OH
    University of Otago, Dunedin,NZ
    Weaving since 1969
    Began Sosumi in 1988
  • I know a lot of "famous" people have collected my work but I never share who they are. My work is in about 40 retail establishments across the country. My first retail account was Julie Artisans' Gallery in NYC in 1988.