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Geometrica Bracelet

The enameling for the Geometrica Bracelet is done on fine silver sheet using primarily Japanese and French enamel (granular glass). The cloisonne' wires are 24K. Firing is done in a small enameling kiln at approximately 1500 degrees F for about one minute. Five layers of enamel are applied and fired to achieve the desired thickness. The cloisonne' pieces are sanded and shaped on a lapidary wet belt sander to a smooth, uniform surface and 'flash fired' in the kiln to restore the high-gloss finish of the glass. The setting is hand-fabricated from fine silver bezel wire, sterling silver sheet and wire. The cloisonne' pieces are then bezel-set. Since this piece is handmade, there will be slight variations from the piece shown. Made to order.

.75" x 7.5" x .25"  

Ships within 6 weeks

by Michael Romanik