American Goldfinch Brooch/Pendant

American Goldfinch Brooch/Pendant

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This delightful enamelled goldfinch sits atop a fine silver holly twig. The rich colors of the cloisonne' bird and holly pair beautifully with the fine silver leaves. There is a large bail attached to the back of the bird's head, so this may also be worn as a pendant. The lyrical quality of the forms combined with the rich colors create an absolutely captivating piece of jewelry. Made to order.

2.5" x 1.75" x .25" deep

Ships within 6 weeks. 

Michael Romanik

I became intrigued with the technique of cloisonne while studying enameling in art school. Creating linear designs and images with flat wired embedded between layers of colored granular glass fascinates me. In my pursuit to learn more about this medium and wanting to perfect my skills with it, I spent many years researching and experimenting with this art form that captivated me.
Making jewelry was a natural step in mastering the medium. I enjoy the intimate scale and proportion of jewelry and the satisfaction of seeing objects that I've made being worn and appreciated by those who wear them.
The variety of enamel hues that is available seems daunting. I choose a limited palette so that I can master its qualities and properties.  For strong contrast, I place light color next to dark, emphasizing each one's boldness and brilliance. For a complimentary effect, similar colors blend into one another, creating harmonious transition.
Inspiration for my work comes from nature: the vibrant plumage of a songbird, the delicate markings of a butterfly wing, the gentle curve of a small branch. I am also inspired by the geometric patterns and motifs of Asian and Indian textiles. Creating intricate designs from gold and silver wire is technically challenging.

Michael received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1989 from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He majored in Drawing and had minors in both Printmaking and Glass. Michael had a brief yet very enjoyable experience with Enameling during his studies at the Institute and continued exploring the medium after graduation. He taught himself many aspects of jewelry making in the years that followed, including stone setting and metal work in silver and gold.