Scribble Pendant
Scribble Pendant on model
Scribble Pendant close up view

Scribble Pendant

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A three-dimensional limited edition scribble in sterling silver, hand-fabricated by the artist. It hangs from a 16" bright sterling neck wire.

2.75" diameter x 1.25" deep

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Melle Finnelli

There is something so satisfying about moving metal. Through fabrication and forging, I am able to manipulate my materials to create form and space, capturing movement in a solid form.

I love the engineering challenges of putting each piece together. Piercing, bending, forging, pounding to create such intimate sculptures. I am drawn to the inherent obsessiveness of creating these minute compositions, all the while seeking a balance of precision and chaos in each design.

Melle Finelli studied technical Jewelry making at North Bennett Street School, followed by an eye opening year of sculpture at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Melle currently lives and works in Boston.