Jordan Goodman

  • For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in design and hands on construction. This yearning to both create and fabricate has led me to my true passion, woodworking.
    My goal is to elevate an ordinary object and through my personal aesthetic, reinterpret it in an enhanced way. With every project, I strive to design beautiful, well-crafted furniture that is rich in detail. These details, contributing to the personality of the piece, invite interaction. And that is as it should be, since furniture is meant to be used.
  • Hailing from the city of Chicago, Jordan Goodman has always had a knack for design and hands on construction. From his early years building elaborate creations with Legos® and Lincoln Logs™, to his schooling and working in the field of architecture, his passion to create and fabricate has led him to his true calling: furniture making.
    Beginning in high school, Jordan’s love of architecture blossomed under the direction of his high school’s advanced architecture program. During the summers he split his time working with a local architect/developer and constructing furniture. His interest in architecture grew stronger over his tenure at high school and he was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis’s architecture program. Jordan spent his collegiate summers working in the architecture industry and taking courses on other interests. Most notable were a course in photography in Italy, an internship at an international architecture firm and a history and furniture design course in Copenhagen, Denmark. The latter two experiences piqued Jordan’s interest in the independent, detail-oriented world of handmade, custom furniture design. He graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis in 2007 with a major in architecture and a minor in furniture design. Upon graduation he was presented with the “Excellence in Craft” award. This honor is given to the student who demonstrates the highest level of craftsmanship.
    Jordan’s experience at Washington University helped him realize his enthusiasm for furniture making. Following graduation, Jordan went to work for Adam Zastrow Fine Furniture, a professional furniture maker in Chicago. His experience there solidified his desire to pursue woodworking as an occupation. Jordan’s desire to turn this hobby into a career led him to the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. While there, he was enrolled in the Nine-Month Comprehensive woodworking course. The hands-on, project-oriented format included the full range of furniture making skills with which he used as a foundation to begin a career in furniture making. 
  • Jordan has since established JG Custom Design, and is currently designing and building custom fine furniture in Chicago, Illinois.
11 Degree Bench
11 Degree Bench $2,800.00
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CVN-JG Table
CVN-JG Table $24,000.00
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Gossamer Cabinets
Gossamer Cabinets $6,995.00
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larrystool two sizes
Larrystool $1,250.00
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RW-Dine $15,000.00
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Vault Table 2.0
Vault Table 2.0 $4,950.00
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X-Chair $4,600.00
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