Tension Earrings, bright sterling

Tension Earrings

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A graceful sterling ellipse curve intersects curvaceous sterling ear wires in these artist-made earrings. 

2" L x 1.25" W

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Hilary Hachey

I consider my work to be architectonic. That is, a type of perceived sensibility to form and design that prefers the simple over the complex, and the well-built over the mass-produced. I adopted the Bauhaus name for my jewelry because the Bauhaus aesthetic utilizes economy of method and severe geometry of form. My metalwork, hand-fabricated in sterling silver and 18k gold, achieves this through experimentation with the figure/ground relationship. The creation of mechanisms and clasps unique to my designs unites the spirit of both fine artist and craftsman. I often use oxidation to create contrast within a piece. Contrast and opposition combined with repetition are the building blocks of my design. The Avocado group, although organic, still adheres to the Bauhaus principle with its clean lines and minimalist sensibility. This group was inspired by a massive avocado tree on a farm in Hawaii.

Admirer’s of Hilary Hachey's work frequently inquire if she studied architecture. Often they are architects themselves, drawn to her clean lines and minimalist designs. Her background, however, is not in architecture.
Hilary first became interested in jewelry making as art while attending a scholarship program for high school students at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She then received a liberal arts degree before studying metalsmithing at The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Hilary currently lives and works in Baltimore where she creates each of her pieces by hand.

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