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Bill Grover

Bill Grover
  • I am a collector of materials and artifacts that interest me. I use primarily what I have, along with what I make.

    Usually I start with some object or concept as the seed of each work, often flying blind until by combining parts find a tentative direction.

    Skills developed over time are used in concert to produce harmonic and surprising relationships among the parts comprising each piece. As a sculpture evolves the concepts solidify. Frequently, earlier and now less relevant parts are removed and saved until a new use arises. I often rework surfaces physically and with paint. I rarely use power tools preferring instead, hand-worked surfaces.

    The demands of each piece challenge me to find new and different combinations of ideas. These reinforce or contradict each other. Ambiguity, complexity of thought, irony and humor all drive what I make.
  • Education
    Fine Arts Degree- University of Wisconsin/Madison, 1974

    1979 - 2015
    Functional and decorative ceramics in stoneware, earthen ware, and porcelain.

    1983 to Present
    Sculpture in ceramics, mixed media, concrete, and steel.

    School and Public Art Projects

    Cass Street School Concrete Playground Entrance Sculpture, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Midvale Community Concrete Bison, Interactive Sundial, and Stone Sitting Circle, Madison, Wisconsin
    City of Fitchburg Concrete Gateway Sculpture, Fitchburg, Wisconsin
    University of Wisconsin/Platteville Concrete Bench Sculptures, Platteville, Wisconsin
    Greentree Neighborhood Concrete and Ceramic Sculpture, Madison, Wisconsin
    “Turtle with Alcove”, concrete sculpture, Whitewater, Wisconsin
    “The World”, concrete sculpture, Madison, Wisconsin
    “Freedom’s Ticket”, concrete sculpture, Milton, Wisconsin
    “Brook Trout”, concrete sculpture, Tony, Wisconsin
    “Montage of Glaze Porcelain Relief Tile”, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
    “Styrofoam Relief Sculpture”, Wausau, Wisconsin
    “Sturgeon” concrete sculpture and Terra Cotta Stage, Green Bay, Wisconsin
    “Spike the Dragon” concrete sculpture, New Berlin, Wisconsin 

  • Steel Sculpture
    Life-size steel bison sculptures; private commission and Arts Mineral Point  Public Sculpture on loan.