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Amy Faust

  • I love simplicity, color, light, subtle texture and the mysterious connection that art has to nature. As a visual person I am always looking for inspiration from both the natural and urban environments. I love finding objects, such as beach and bottle glass with hints of writing or design or gorgeous smooth pebbles. Cutting them into specific shapes they resemble gemstones and take on a new precious quality.
  • Amy Faust is an Oakland California based jewelry designer who uses color and a confluence of organic shapes combined with a variety of recycled materials to create her jewelry. Amy is also a dedicated “Green” artist and is as eco-friendly as possible in her business. Amy started her jewelry business 25 years ago after graduating from SUNY New Paltz, NY with a BFA in Metalsmithing. Working in the jewelry arts allows her to think sculpturally, graphically and painterly, while satisfying her desire to make things with her hands. Amy uses recycled glass and ceramics such as glass from vintage Coke Bottles and shards from broken plates and vases to create her work. The mining of precious metals such as silver and gold is extremely destructive to the environment. To counter this, Amy purchases reclaimed or recycled silver and gold, not metals newly mined. She believes that we all have a responsibility to maintain our planet’s beauty and integrity, and takes great care in making sure her own business is as eco-friendly as possible. Amy strives to build awareness about eco-friendly options available when buying and making jewelry. She encourages adoption of non-toxic and biodegradable options in our personal and business lives.
    De Young Museum,San Francisco, CA 2007
    California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA 2002-2009
    Oakland Museum Collector’s Gallery,Oakland, CA 1994, 1996, 2006
    Palo Alto Center for the Arts,Palo Alto, CA 2001-2002
    VOA (Voice of America) Featured “Green Crafter” 2010
    Best of American Jewelry Artists  (book) 2010
    Midwest Home’s “Greenest Artist” American Craft Council,St.Paul,MN 2010
    Gaby In Green (blog) 2010
    View From the Bay (TV episode on Green Gift Ideas) 2008
    Object Lessons: Beauty and Meaning in Art (book) 2001