Terrence James Coffman | At Nell's

Terrence James Coffman returns to Wantoot on Saturday, August 3 with selections from a new series of abstract landscapes titled At Nell's. 

Terrence is a Wisconsin artist, educator, author, musician and actor with deep roots in the Milwaukee Third Ward and MIAD. Most recently his home and studio was located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

This winter, Terrence made a significant life change when he relocated to Highland Park, Illinois to be with his partner Nell. The smaller format of many of the paintings reflect the smaller ceiling height of his new studio At Nell's  

Terrence in his Highland Park studio.

Terrence in his Highland Park studio.

At Nell's #22

"At Nell's #22"

This body of work is an evolution of the work previously shown the gallery, and the work pieces currently the website. In addition to the many works in the At Nell's series, we chose several from the series titled "Landscape Near Lake Michigan"--also done in Ilinois.

Landscape Near Lake Michigan #5

"Landscape Near Lake Michigan #5"

The show includes several recent works from Terrence's "View from My Studio Rooftop" series created over a multi-year period in Jefferson.

View From My Studio Rooftop #91

"View from My Studio Rooftop #91"


At Nell's opens at Wantoot Saturday, August 3 with an artist's reception, 4 - 7pm. The show runs through September 29.