Sandra Peterson Receives 2017 Gottlieb Foundation Grant

We’re delighted to share the news that Sandra Peterson has been selected to receive an Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation Individual Support Grant for 2017. This award is given to 12 artists each year in recognition of the quality of each artist’s work and the artist’s dedication to their work over a period of many years.

The artists for this year’s awards were selected from nearly 400 applicants. Art was chosen for the award by a panel of five advisors, each of whom is either a working artist or a professional curator or critic.

“dog with botanyII” 48”x40” oil on canvas

Wantoot is celebrating Sandra’s grant by hosting a show of some of her most recent work. The show opens on June 3, during Galley Night. Meet Sandra between 5:00 - 8:00pm during the opening reception at Wantoot Gallery.

The Gottlieb Foundation is named after Adolph Gottlieb, who began his career as an artist in New York in the 1920s. He became one of the small group of artists who initiated the movement known as Abstract Expressionism, and achieved artistic and financial success far beyond his early expectations.

“mighty tree” 20”x16” oil on canvas

The foundation has been operating since 1976 with two main purposes. They offer grants to individual visual artists through two programs: an annual Individual Support Grant and a separate program to assist visual artists in cases of catastrophic events through an Emergency Grant program. They also maintain an archive on the art and life of Adolph Gottlieb and organize exhibitions of his art and that of others.

Over the course of his life Gottlieb had several friends and colleagues who, despite their artistic achievements, were not able to support themselves either through the sale of their art or through teaching or related work. Adolph and his wife Esther were known among their friends as people who would help out when times were hard or when someone was in serious need.

You can learn more about the Gottlieb Fountain and about the art of Adolph Gottlieb at