John Himmelfarb: A Survey

Wantoot welcomed John Himmelfarb on Saturday, October 5, for the opening of A Survey of his recent and latest work. 

John's remarkable career spans six decades and includes artworks created in many mediums. Our Survey touches on the most recent twenty years of John's career. Featured are Icons from the early 2000s, and a variety of Truck sculptures--created in wood, silk screen on wood and bronze.

Recent Truck-themed paintings were created in John's new studio near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Featured are select works from his "Puerto Vallarta" series of small acrylic on panel paintings, as well as two larger works on handmade paper. 

Living and working in Spring Green has been fruitful for John's creativity. His Truck motif has evolved from drawing, painting, mixed media sculpture to work in bronze and sculptures created from vintage truck chassis. 

"Remains" which was created in his Wisconsin studio, and has been on loan to local arts group Arts Mineral Point, made an appearance during the opening of A Survey

"Remains" in front of Wantoot


In September, Spring Green's Rural Musician's Forum organized and performed a concert centered around John's "KB3 1947 IH" Truck sculpture. Titled "The Himmelfarb Project", musicians from Northern Illinois University performed musical pieces utilizing the percussion sounds from various components of the sculpture.


John's busy autumn continues with the inclusion of his "Leader" sculpture in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's 2019 Wisconsin Triennial. The opening reception is Friday evening, October 19. The show runs through February 16.

The curated exhibition is a survey of statewide contemporary art. "Leader" is one of a series of sculptures created from wood or metal. "Ruby Local Hero" created in wood, is part of "A Survey" show in the gallery and is also availalble online.

Ruby Local Hero

"Ruby Local Hero"