Hartmut Ringel: Cups and Drops

We were thrilled to visit Wantoot artist Hartmut Ringel recently in his studio outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin. 

The charming idyllic place, one of the oldest structures in the area, was formally the Harrisburg Church. Since it was decommissioned about 60 years ago, the space has been largely vacant. Recently it was used as chicken coop.

Hartmut befriended the owner and now uses the space as a studio. An artist and furniture designer by training in Germany, Hartmut immigrated to the US with his family over a decade ago. He is now a proud American. Wantoot features Hartmut’s “Uplifting Objects” online and in our gallery. Recently we began displaying “Boats” in the gallery.

“Cups and Drops” is his latest installation. Comprised of only paper cups and strategically placed water sources, the installation captivates the viewer. 

Randomly-timed and differently pitched drops echo from a vast array of varying-sized cups.  

A  congregation of individuals, each with different thoughts and voices, is one obvious reference. 

The less obvious but perhaps more profound result of “Cups and Drops” is the joy it brings the viewer. This reaction was profound during the Opening Reception.  The mood of the attendees was a magical mix of joy, spirituality, human bonding, happiness and enlightenment. 

“Cups and Drops” more than fulfilled Hartmut’s goal of creating captivating art. 


Cups and Drops