CONVERGENCE: The Art of Daithi 9/5 - 10/1

Daithi visited Wantoot on August 5 for opening of his show, CONVERGENCE: The Art of Daithi. Running through October 1, the show features new examples of three distinct bodies of work. Large paintings in both acrylic and oil on canvas comprise the first group. The second group includes several examples of Daithi's Woodland Series of oil, acrylic and ink on panel, sealed with two-part epoxy resin. The third group comprises new additions to the popular "script" series of large pen and ink drawings. 

To celebrate, The art of Daithi converged with canvas, the human body and the music of Mineral Point musician John Birner during the August 5 opening. Daithi's process of creating art on canvas and the human body, simultaneously, was a joy to witness. 


 The Sanctuary 


Heart on a Sleeve 




Daithi paints on model during the opening of "Convergence: The Art of Daithi" August 5, 2017 at Wantoot.

Daithi, John Birner, Leah, the painting. 




Ried Knapp
Ried Knapp


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