The Dirty Canteen

On a bleak January day in the midst of the Polar Vortex, Summer seems a million years away. But it was only 5 months ago that the film crew made their surprise visit. 

On a bright, balmy Sunday morning, we were enjoying coffee in the gallery office. We had just opened the gallery for the day, and the space was serene. The door opened, and rapid footsteps followed. FedEx delivery? Not a chance. It must be someone who had visited before.

We peeked around the corner, there was Ash Kyrie, with film crew--rolling!

Ash is a wonderful local Wisconsin artist we represent. While he works in many mediums, we currently show a series of his photographic works called Architectural Emphasis, both online and in the gallery. 

Ash is also an Iraq War veteran. After service in Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard, and ultimately achieving the rank of Sergeant, he attended the University of Wisconsin and majored in Art. He went on to The Ohio State University and earned his Masters in Fine Art.

The film crew was from Artists for Awareness, a non-profit group formed to support veteran artists and to introduce art to suffering veterans and their family members. They were filming The Dirty Canteen, a film documenting the collaboration of 11 Artists. 

These diverse individuals are using art not only to come to grips with their own military experiences, but to expand overall public awareness. So the film crew we met that morning was traveling with Ash as he went about his routine--work, family time, contacts.

Watch the clip below. Ash is the chap in the straw hat. You can see him inspecting one of his photographs with Kathy at Wantoot.

Artists for Awareness plans to release The Dirty Canteen this Fall, but they need additional support to complete production work. They have established a fundraiser at www.crowdise.comTheDirtyCanteenDocumentary. Please check it out, learn more about the team, and lend as much support as you can.